Different Type of Drywall Texture for Your House

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In terms of home designing, you’re not restricted to just what color paint you apply or the furniture pieces that you purchase. Your wall’s texture can also incorporate a lot of character to your home and is something that property owners should never overlook.? 

However, not all people are aware of the wide range that drywall texture can offer. If you’re one of these people who don’t know where to begin, here is some important information you should know about the various types of texture drywall and why you need to hire the best?drywall contractor Kelowna.? 


After applying drywall mud to the wall, you will utilize a trowel to scrape along the wall slowly. The trowel should be carried at a bit of angle, which will usually pull up the mud parts as ut passes. The skip-trowel technique ends up having brush-like patterns, which can add a lot of patterns to both the room and the wall.? 

Smooth finish 

Though the smooth finish is the simplest drywall texture to look at, it’s one of the most challenging textures to properly apply as well. This drywall finish type is a modern, clean look that has become among the prevalent options for homes that are higher end. Because of that, a smooth drywall finish is also known as one of the priciest finish options you can choose for your walls.? 

Orange peel 

At the first thin drywall layer, mud is put and sanded, a dimpled texture layer is then incorporated. This peel finish that resembles the orange peel is probably the most typical wall texture.? 

You can apply it using a thick nap roller, or even spray it using an air compressor and a mud hopper. Its amount of texture and thickness can be altered to get different results. Orange peel still has a place in modern homes even though it’s basic.? 


Generally, popcorn texture type can be seen on the home ceilings. Though, this texture can be found on walls as well. Its major advantage is that it’s effective when it comes to concealing any blemishes of your ceiling construction. Since this type of texture is heavy spray-on, poorly sanded joints and uneven seams can be covered easily to achieve a more uniform appearance.? 

Moreover, popcorn texture is also great for rooms that are intended to be workshops or studios since it can somehow dampen ambient noises, which is the main reason why this texture type is also known as an “acoustic ceiling.” 


If you’re searching for a highly-styled texture, then comb texture will be one of the major selections you can opt for. Just like how its name implies, a trowel or brush is utilized to create combing motions after the drywall mud is applied.? 

Simple arcs are the most typical patterns utilized. Although, you’re not restricted to one continuous, smooth motion. Wavelike strokes are another prevalent option for you, but there’s a lot of creative freedom in terms of the application and shape of the drywall. 

For more information, tips, and services regarding drywall, contact the experts today.? 

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